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Campaign 2012 API v1

This RESTful API provides access to our Campaign 2012 in the Media data.The data is returned as JSON.



Use the last name of the candidate in all-lowercase letters or all for all candidates.. Possible values: all, bachmann, cain, gingrich, huntsman, paul, perry, romney, santorum, obama

Sort, Order


You can sort the returned data by a particular field. Sorting is done in ascending order (1,2,3… for numbers or a, b, c… for letters) unless the /desc/ parameter is added.  Possible values: id, candidate, date, end_date, positive, negative, volume, twitter_positive, twitter_negative, twitter_volume

Date, End-Date


You can restrict the data returned between a start-date and an end-date. If an end-date is not specified than the end-date will be the start date plus 7 days.

Putting it all together!